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Website Design Templates

Browse through various premium WordPress templates, grouped by type of business or function. These are used as a starting point, to save cost and time. Each template is personalized with your corporate branding, images, video and other content. For most small businesses, using a template approach is appropriate, and there are plenty of opportunities to personalize different aspects of your site to make it a unique work.

Our templates utilize a “framework” which makes it possible to add different features and effects under a common programming environment. It is easier to modify and expand a website with a framework.

Website Design Examples

Small Business Websites

Suitable for Company Websites, with an emphasis on Services, Customers, and Management Team.

Products and Services

Display information on your company's product lines and service offering.

Small Business Website

Restaurants & Bars

Website Design Examples

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Browse Web Designs for all types of Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes

Restaurant Web Designs

Community Web Solutions

Website Designs for Member Associations, Community Organizations, and Non-Profit

Social Network and Forums

Utilizes BuddyPress Social Network for WordPress and BBPress Forum Software


Real Estate Website Designs

For Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Real Estate Firms

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Creative Portfolio Websites

For Artists, Designers, Photographers

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Law Firm Websites

For Attorneys, Law Firms, Legal Services

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Website Features

Webpage with Timeline View

User Interface

View Timeline Example of Steve Jobs Life

Steve Jobs Life