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The QuikSite® Solution

Visual Design and Website Branding

As a professional web design agency, we combine traditional methods with current digital techniques using the latest web site authoring software. We apply an in-depth knowledge of printing, graphics, page layout, web typography, and business presentation to our client sites. The QuikSite® solution is a dynamic, visually appealing website that showcases your business, products and services. QuikSite® is an affordable, scalable solution that combines proven Open Source technology and uses best-practice web design, web development, and Search Engine Optimization techniques. Clients that use QuikSite® can depend on us for creating a customized web solution that can grow and expand over time. Capabilities can be enhanced as technology becomes available. Our clients can manage their own website updates, or ask us to provide ongoing maintenance services.

Regardless of whether you are building a simple, basic web site for the first time, redesigning or upgrading an existing site, or creating a complex interactive ecommerce shopping site — the process is the same. The goal is to create a site that reflects your unique personality and vision — a site that supports your brand marketing.


Website Examples

Example layouts of web page designs or web components


Ideas on how content can be displayed

Sample Websites


QuikSite uses premium fonts from the world's leading type foundries.

Look and Feel

Fonts impact the overall tone of a website.

Color Design for Websites


QuikSite creates a custom color palette.

Color Design UI

The importance of color in the User Interface design.

Color Palette