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QuikSite® is the easy alternative for small businesses . We build a compelling website that delivers for your company. QuikSite takes care of all the technology so you can focus on your business. It’s scalable so you can upgrade and add features at any time. It works on all mobile smartphones and tablets, and leverages Google and Social Media to build traffic. QuikSite® services uses premium themes and frameworks as a starting point for rapid website development.


Web Design

Understanding the target market and desired functionality, QuikSite’s designers create a custom design to display content with an elegant User Interface. QuikSite creates a web color palette and font selection that works with your existing brand identity. An optimal layout is selected to develop the theme.



QuikSite imports the client’s content into the web theme and builds out the site. During this process adjustments are made to the web theme, HTML and CSS files to account for specific content issues that must be addressed. The site links and functionality are tested on various browsers and devices prior to the site being launched.


Build Site Traffic

Internet Marketing increases site visitors and traffic. With a Call To Action (CTA) targeted to your audience, you can measure the results. QuikSite provides a comprehensive marketing campaign that includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local Search, Email Marketing, and Social Media integration.
  • Planning

    QuikSite will consult with you to plan your web strategy by analyzing your current site, and then make recommendations with options where appropriate. For more complex projects, a wireframe is created to confirm site functionality, layout, and site organization.

  • Design

    We combine traditional methods with current digital techniques using the latest web site authoring software. We apply an in-depth knowledge of printing, graphics, page layout, web typography, and business presentation to our sites. The result is a dynamic, visually appealing product that showcases your business, products and services.

  • Production

    The Production Phase entails setting up a new site on QuikSite’s development servers to add the content, fine tune design details, add software needed to deliver site functionality, and stage all other technical aspects of the site. Images and video content is optimized, and each page is tested internally before inviting you to review the site and make comments or changes prior to the site launch.

  • Marketing

    QuikSite employs many strategies to drive traffic to your site. These include SEO, Local Search, Email Marketing Campaigns, Advertising, Social Media Strategies, Site Linking and Referral Methods. QuikSite sets up various analytics to measure performance, target opportunities, and improve results over time.

  • Compliance

    QuikSite will create and manage your compliance needs, which include:

    Privacy Policy

    A Privacy Policy is a legal agreement that explains what kinds of personal information you gather from website visitors, how you use this information, and how you keep it safe.

    Cookie Policy

    Legislation has required to disclose data collection and to implement a method of receiving consent or facilitating its withdrawal. Failure to adhere to these laws can result in hefty fines, leave you open to litigation and negatively affect the credibility of your website or app.

    GDPR Policy

    The GDPR is a new data and privacy security legislation which was developed by the European Parliament and Council for the protection of data rights of the EU citizens. Companies (including websites, mobile, and desktop apps etc.) that do business transactions with EU citizens are going to be affected by this regulation.

    The legal consequences for non-compliance can include fines up to EUR 20 million (€20m) or 4% of the annual worldwide turnover (whichever is greater), but perhaps equally as concerning are the other potential sanctions that may be implemented against organizations found to be in violation. These sanctions include official reprimands (for first-time violations), periodic data protection audits and liability damages.

    ADA Compliance

    The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that websites be accessible to people with disabilities.

    Both the U.S. and the U.K. refer to non-government related websites as “public” and “public sector” entities, allowing the legal system to hear cases brought by persons with disabilities who find themselves unable to use a public-facing business website. In the U.S.A., this is referred to as the ADA Title III, Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities.  Generally, websites should be compliant with WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508 and other worldwide legislation. Government contractors must be ADA compliant to receive money from the US Government. Many states are following suit.

    Without ADA Compliance, you are subject to lawsuits by people with disabilities, and this is going to become a requirement for insurance companies to underwrite insurance policies for all businesses.

Web Designers


QuikSite is a privately-held corporation with headquarters in New York. QuikSite operates primarily in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area. QuikSite does not outsource any design or development services to individuals or companies located outside of the United States.

QuikSite® is registered trademarks owned by QuikSite, Inc.


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Development 85%
Marketing 70%
Domain Management 65%
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