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The Thorne Building Planning Committee is tasked with developing a proposal that would transfer the Thorne Memorial Building, a dominant architectural feature of the Village of Millbrook, NY, to a new non-profit corporation for use as a community center. The committee will be tasked with developing a plan for a) the best uses of the building for the greater Millbrook community, b) the costs of renovation to meet those uses, and c) fundraising to support the renovation and operation of the facility. The committee includes local arts groups, businesses, educators, senior citizens, clergy, philanthropic organizations, elected officials from the Village of Millbrook, and elected officials from the Town of Washington. I 

The customer had a placeholder web page to announce the project.   

The Solution: QuikSite redesigned the Customer website using a content-based web site in WordPress. The site uses branding materials and historical photos. Social Media integration and news posts allow the Planning Committee to inform the community about meetings, ideas, concepts, and progress. QuikSite offers fully managed hosting to maintain technical security and backups. 

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Project Overview

Website design, web development, customer and end-user training and support to create and build website for a historical community center in Millbrook, NY.

The website is built using a WordPress to encourage community participation in planning..