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Canada Calling is a series of Public Policy position papers written by Grant Murray, a lawyer and the retired Vice President and General Counsel of a well-known Canadian subsidiary of a major international corporation. During his career, he had responsibility for a variety of corporate functions, including public affairs and government relations. In addition, he held senior roles in a number of industry and business associations and also served on a number of Government advisory committees.  

The initial effort involved broadcasting the position papers by email as they were completed. However, there was no ability to search past archives or for readers to provide comments on the subjects.   

The Solution:  QuikSite created a content-based web site in WordPress, which provided all the capabilities to post, categorize, search, and archive public policy position papers. Each paper was created into a PDF file for download. The website was built with best practices for organic search marketing with Google. 

The author wanted to promote the diversity and history of Canada. 

The Solution: QuikSite created a simple gallery of images depicting major landmarks that can be viewable as a gallery or a titled slide show using licensed stock photography of locations throughout Canada’s 10 Provinces and 2 Territories. 


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Project Overview

Website design, web development, customer and end-user training and support to create and build a complex International consulting site for Canadian and International Trades.

The website is built using WordPress so that the customer's staff of writers and editors can easily update the site or add new content.