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Odin Plesk

Odin Plesk

Providing a ready-to-code environment in an intuitive interface, Plesk is server virtualization software to facilitate creating cloud-scaled web applications and websites for SMB’s (small and medium businesses).

Cloud-based Web Operations

Web Operations (or WebOps) is defined as a domain of expertise within IT systems management that entails the deployment, operation, security, maintenance, tuning, and repair of web-based systems. In the past, these tasks required a number of specialists to ensure correct functioning of all the components throughout an application’s lifetime.

Today, the WebOps role is rapidly becoming a distinct specialty to support application developers by automating all such relevant tasks and processes through a platform like Plesk.  These processes are today mostly based in the cloud – hosted at a service provider or one of the large cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services.

Plesk also provides a dashboard and management system for security services, backup, monitoring, and software upgrades.

QuikSite uses Plesk to manage the setup, deployment, and maintenance of all customer domains and server resources.


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