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Domain Names Top Level Domains TLDChoosing your domain name is very important because that becomes the name (and brand) of your website. The process for signing up for a domain name works the same way whether it’s through a hosting provider or a separate domain name service. Using, you can fine out which domains are available and the extensions (such as .com, .net, .org, etc.)  Generally, you always want to go with .com because this is the most popular domain name extension and easiest for users to remember. Domain extensions (or technically TLD — “Top Level Domains”) should not be arbitrarily used but have specific meaning. For instance, .net is for networks (such as ISPs), although sometimes it is a “2nd choice” option if the .com is not available. Not-for-Profit organizations should use .org. Educational institutions .edu. Government entities use .gov. Television broadcasters use .tv.

Recently there have been many new extensions made available. Some denote specific geographies: for example .nyc can be used if your business is located in New York City. There are country-specific domains, such as .us for United States (you must be a resident to buy this type of domain extension), .ca for Canada, or .eu for European Union. There are also extensions for type of business or purpose, such as .club or .design. Adult sites use .xxx. And so forth.

In terms of what domain name to use, this is where keyword optimization comes into play. Don’t feel you have to use something catchy and creative for your URL. It might be more memorable to potential visitors, especially if you use a lot of offline marketing, but it won’t get your site ranked high in search engines. Ultimately, you’ll want to use keywords to create a domain name that’s both memorable and likely to be ranked in the first ten listings of search engine results.


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